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Channel letter signs are by far the most used type of sign. With good reason too, as they can be built in any size and shape.            They are  extremely eye catching, and can be seen from a good distance away. There are a few variations of channel letter signs, and we are equipped to build all of them.

Channel Letter

Standard Channel Letter Signs

Standard channel letter signs are signs that are built with a metal frame and an acrylic face. Led or neon lights placed inside allows for great illumination at night. These are the most popular types of signs we build. They can be built in any size, shape, or form.

Reverse Channel Letter

Reverse Channel Letter Signs

Reverse channel letters are very similar to standard channel letters. The main difference is that the sign is built to have a space between the face and the back. Adding LED lights,the sign then gives off an awesome look at night, that can be seen from a distance.

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